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Medicine Hat is a town of compassionate souls, beautiful countryside, and delicious cooking. Homemade is always best which is what you’ll find at our 29th annual chilli cook-off. You’ll discover new tips and tricks while tasting some of the best chillies you’ve had in your life!


Welcome To All With Eager Taste Buds

This chilli cook-off competition will host a variety of different competitors showcasing their skills in the kitchen. Experiments with different and unique flavours will open your taste palate to chilli like you’ve never tasted before! Anyone is welcome to compete for a chance to advertise their brand, win cool prizes and earn bragging rights for an outstanding dish. This is a fun, Medicine Hat tradition and it always draws a big crowd! A salsa cook-off will also be in the competition for a second chance to snag a prize. Vendors dishes will be graded by judges and YOU, so make sure to come hungry!


A Great Way To Experience Medicine Hat

The 29th annual chilli cook-off is a great opportunity to mingle with locals, create lasting memories and try some killer chilli! The event is open to all ages and only costs 5 dollars a bowl. The cookoff is hosted by the CCDA (City Centre Development Agency)  in Downtown Medicine Hat on July 21, 2018. Beginning at 12 pm, you’ll be able to taste flavours of chefs and self-proclaimed foodies, as they compete for the Best Chili and Salsa award. 5 dollars gets you a bowl, spoon and as much chilli as you can eat (or until the pots run out). Tickets can be purchased at the event.

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